A day at Cornie (Cornacopia Wi. Siskwit Marina)

Sailing to Cornucopia WI on the way to Duluth

Having started our summer in Racine Wi, and spending the middle portion of the summer sailing in the Apostle Islands, it seemed fitting to move on to Duluth this fall.    We plan to winter the boat in Duluth as it will shorten our fall drive to the boat for  working on those boat projects.   (that project list keeps getting longer! )

Sailing from Bayfield to Cornucopia brought us further west on our summer quest to sail from Sault St Marie, Michigan on the eastern end of Lake Superior to  Duluth on the Western shores.    Unlike the sailors in the trans-superior race who tackle it in several days via a race, we’ve opted to do it in short legs over the course of the summer.

This particular weekend, we had already enjoyed  two days of sailing with  family members; after dropping them off at the city dock in Bayfield, we sailed toward our first night in Cornucopia.       Enjoyed wonderful views of Sand Island and York Island – two of the more westerly islands of the Apostles.   As we passed by Sand Island, we commented that it was the first time we had been in these waters- having sailed in the Apostles for 5 years, its about time we explored this area!     The next island was Eagle then xxxx;  we also sailed by Myron beach- famous for the mainland ice caves.    The best conditions were in 2006 for hiking the lake road –  watch for ice condition reports and be sure to go visit if you get the chance!

Myron Beach Ice Caves 2006

Ice Caves 2006

Myron Beach Bayfield Ice Caves 2006

Due to the wind and waves the ice caves conditions are not visible every year.

Back to the current conditions ;     We decided to explore the Siskwit Marina as we had heard such good reviews.     After making radio contact, we were told told to tie up by the bulkhead in front of the “barn”.   The guide book gives warnings of silting in the entrance to the river, but by following the recommendation to hug the breakwater, we successfully entered the harbor.    

The ‘Barn’ is actually a bed and breakfast that might be a good option for landlubbers…    The F’c’sle bed and breakfast.  

   We met the  owners and walked downtown for dinner at the Fish Lipps Bar and Grill.  Billed at Wisconsin’s Northernmost bar and restaurant! .  it is located next to Wisconsin’s Northern Most Post office!

The next morning I took a walk around around the marina and enjoyed the colorful scenery!

The stores along the walkway were closed when we arrived,  and our plan was to continue on toward Duluth first thing in the morning.    The morning was rainy and higher winds than we expected, so I had a few extra hours to explore the marina ( and get some more artsy photos).   By noon we decided to throw off the lines and get on our way.  The winds were favorable for crossing over toward Knife River rather than beating into the waves directly west toward Duluth.    so set a course for Knife River and off we went.

Here are a few more of the shots around the Siskwit Marina.

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Sailing Lake Superior out of Bayfield WI. Sailing from Racine WI to Bayfield in 2012
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4 Responses to A day at Cornie (Cornacopia Wi. Siskwit Marina)

  1. LuAnn says:

    We were in this area last summer, although not sailing. It is great to see Lake Superior again through your eyes. Great post! :)

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